About Us

Our History

Bee Farm also know as Ong Super Trading is the largest honey producer in Malaysia. Since 1978, we have committing huge effort in bees-cultivation and continuous refinement in our in-house honey products.

We are now an integrated service provider in honey industry, from bee breeding to raw honey extracting and all the way to end product packaging. On top of that, we also strongly committed ourselves as a good corporate citizen by establishing "The World's Bees Museum" at Malacca(the historical city of Malaysia.) The museum is fully sponsored and supported by Bee Farm with main objective to enhance the public's knowledge on bees and honey. It is open throughout the year and entrance is free to all.

Over the years, we have been regularly featured in the media, from Radio Television Malaysia, Agricultural Today Magazine to the more recent one, the famous "Fear Factor" TV Program, which came to shoot their program at our farm. With our long established reputation, Bee Farm is only committed in providing the finest grade and 100% pure honey products.

Product Process

Factory Packing